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Gas Furnace Repair

Any individual who has owned a home in a cold weather is aware of that gas furnace repair is just about inescapable. Even if you have really minor or no practical experience fixing a gas furnace, if you have intermediate handyman abilities and the suitable resources and directions you need to be able to repair a gas furnace with no important issues. Below are five suggestions you can use to repair your home furnace:

Suggestion 1 – Re-light-weight the Pilot Light

If your pilot light-weight has absent out, gas will not feed into the burner, even while all other devices in the furnace are performing properly. If so, all you will need to do is re-light-weight it. First, discover the gas cock and turn it to the “Off” position. Then, although you are turning it to the “Pilot” position, depress the Pilot Reset Button. Finally, maintain a lighted match close to the pilot. If the pilot light-weight is performing usually, it will then re-light-weight, making it possible for you to return the gas cock to its “On” position.

Suggestion 2 – Cleanse Pilot Light

If just after attempting to re-light-weight the pilot light-weight it even now does not occur on or will not remain on, it may be due to the fact it is clogged with dirt, necessitating you to cleanse it. First, shut off electrical energy and gas to the furnace. After waiting around 30 minutes for any unburned gas to very clear absent, use 2 open-ended wrenches to clear away the gas tube and thermocouple from the command housing, then, disconnect them from the pilot housing. Working with a pilot light-weight jet software, diligently cleanse the pilot’s jet.

Suggestion three – Exchange the Thermocouple

Prior to reattaching the pilot jet gas tube, set up a new thermocouple to change the outdated one. Then, reconnect gas tube and thermocouple to the command housing. Now restore electrical energy and gas move to the furnace and attempt lighting the pilot again.

Suggestion 4 – Adjust the Burner

Color of the burner flame will be a superior sign no matter if or not the mixture of air and gas is at the suitable level. If this mixture is suitable, the flame need to be yellow at its idea and blue-inexperienced at its center. If your burner flame is a diverse colour than this, you will need to adjust its mixture level. First, loosen the locking screw of the air shutter. Adjust the shutter by opening and then closing it and observing the flame colour as you do. You may recognize a change of colour in the flame. When the flame colour is suitable, tighten the screw to lock the shutter.

Suggestion five – Oil Squeaky Furnace Blower

A furnace, whose blower squeaks or vibrates when it turns, may need only to be oiled. Flip off electrical energy, and then clear away the access panel protect. Track down oil ports and apply a couple of drops of oil into each and every one. Future, align blower pulleys. Loosen the mounting bolts and align the pulleys by modifying the position of the motor. Finally, tighten the bolts, and restore electrical energy.


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