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How to Replace Your Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

A water heater stress relief valve is a important ingredient of your water heater. It assists to make certain that extra stress will not develop up leading to the tank to explode. It is effective by activating a spring when the stress builds and releases stress out of the tank. If your stress valve is corroded or damaged, it’s most effective to swap it right absent.

Action 1 – Cut the Electric power

Before you begin working on your water heater, you will want to make certain the ability is shut off. The water heater will practically constantly have it’s have circuit. Identify the circuit in your breaker box and switch the ability to the water heater off. Some more mature water heaters will just plug in to an outlet. This isn’t really popular anymore, but if this is the scenario for yours just pull the plug.

Action 2 – Drain the Tank

Before you drain the tank, allow the heater time to great off. Not executing this can result in major burns as you drain scalding water. The moment it’s cooled, you can use a hose to drain an indoor device. If you have a drain in the ground wherever the water heater is positioned, you can allow it to slowly and gradually drain in to the ground drain. If not, use a significant bucket and drain it slowly and gradually, disposing of the water one bucket at a time. The full tank will not have to have to be drained. Just drain more than enough so that the water is under the stage of the relief valve.

Action 3 – Eliminate Tubes

You will uncover tubes hooked up to the stress relief valve. In most scenarios the tubes will screw off, but some products the tubes will just pull out, or have to have to be lower. If you have to lower by means of the tubes, be certain you you should not lower in to the tank by itself.

Action four – Eliminate Old Valve

Use your wrench to eliminate the aged valve. It demands to be screwed out in a counterclockwise direction. If the valve is especially corroded you may perhaps have to have to use lubricant these kinds of as WD-40 to enable loosen the valve from the threads. Consider care in this so that you you should not end up breaking off the stem of the valve as you eliminate it.

Action five – Set up New Valve

Use the Teflon tape on the threads of the new valve. This will enable to variety a much more cohesive bond with the threads. Insert the new valve in to the opening and use the wrench to screw this down until eventually it’s secure. Use the tape again on the ends of the tubes if they’re the variety that screw on and off. If not, use the plumbing putty on the tube. Allow the putty time to dry dependent on the instructions.

Action 6 – Finishing Up

Go in advance and clean up your work location ahead of you switch the tank back on. This way you won’t be all-around a hot appliance although you clean up. Cut the ability back on to the water heater, and switch the heater back on.


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